I Am The Observer

August 14th was the night fate was partly sealed. I heard a gavel struck in my head. September 11th is the final date. For we are really in the year 2020; and in this year hasn’t it been clearer? Haven’t you had 2020 vision? After this amazing night not so long ago, my life has seemed to change quickly. I was already on my path of enlightenment, but I had another breakthrough.

I realized I have been my biggest enemy. I have not been living my life to the fullest because of fear and how people would perceive me. I forgot this is my world I’ve created and I’m player number one. We put limitations on ourselves to please others. Whether if it’s to please parents, to friends, family in general, etc. Its not until you say “F” it and walk your own path. Made with your own mind, you feel free. Since that night I have decided to walk in my truth fully and not be the double edge sword of my destiny.

I will live my life trusting my intuition, meditating, becoming stress free, and loving endlessly. I don’t care of what others think of me. I don’t care of appearing too deep. Live life for you. Enjoy the little moments, forgive the past and move forward,. There is so much the world has to offer. To limit yourself would be foolish.

Day by day start making subtle changes until they become big chances. Walk, talk, and live in your truth people. Stay light.


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