Take Back Your Power

Think With Your God/Goddess Head Now is the time more than ever to jump into your gifts and endeavours more than ever now and turn the attention to your God/ Goddess head and be positive. Keep positive energy around. Think positive thoughts and continue your spiritual journey with yourself. Cut off the bad in your…

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Helpful Practices That Helps Me Along My Journey

Half the world is insane and make you feel crazy for being the sane one. Holding your intent Before you know how to hold your intent you should know what intent is. Intent is having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose. When I hold my intent I simply…

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Start Focusing On Things You Desire Rather Than Things You Fear

“The majority accepted chaos, obeyed fear and curate pain. why not live”? Why do we focus on the things we fear instead of what we desire or want? What you pay attention to will manifest into your reality. You are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts and focus come to life. Have your…

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