Think With Your God/Goddess Head

Sacred Geometry

Now is the time more than ever to jump into your gifts and endeavours more than ever now and turn the attention to your God/ Goddess head and be positive. Keep positive energy around. Think positive thoughts and continue your spiritual journey with yourself. Cut off the bad in your life and move forward. I recently had to cut out bad energies and accept some things about myself and release it. I am still on my journey and working towards Ascension. I am learning on my journey to set boundaries and loving people from a distant while I work on self. I am learning to stop being a people pleas-er and being good with just myself.

Love thy self, Know thy self . Do what makes sense to you. You can not listen to other people about you. Go within and explore and learn yourself. These are some of my biggest lessons that I’m still working with today. Another one is also having anxiety. I know anxiety comes up a lot in our society and I feel partly from fear based programs and trauma is the reason why it is experienced. I tend to almost have anxiety attacks when I am tried in my day to day life with obstacles and road blocks. The things is letting go and releasing that fear. Also work on your breathing, that helps a lot.

There is more going on in the world than paying bills, working, and getting by. At this point we are in the process of a consciousness shift. Your thoughts should be 4th and 5th dimensional. The old ways of the world are ending as we speak and the golden age is here. We are in the age of Aquarius. Take your power back, walk in your purpose, be the change, and continue to expand your consciousness. Find out who you really are and what you were sent here to do. It’s now, it’s here. Stay Light.

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