Astrology/Alignments behind Mercury Retrograde

What Is Mercury Retrograde ?

When Mercury is in retrograde travel, logic, technology, and information all gets disrupted. It’s like one big glitch with everything that’s going on around and even the way you communicate and perceive things. The science behind Mercury retrograde is it’s an illusion from our viewpoint on Earth that Mercury is orbiting backwards and because of this alot things you do or what’s going on around you can get misconstrued. Wow, the mind is very powerful isn’t it ?

We are ending the year with a recap of events. This time period is to simply recheck, revisit, and review your life. A lot of people perceived this time as bad luck because of glitches with technology, old people of the past may come back into your life, or you simply may not have a hold on your thoughts or feelings. Honestly it’s just a time to reflect and get your life in order if you already haven’t done so. Also you may correct want to correct some wrong things may have done directly or indirectly.

All of this reminds me of why people have new year resolutions, to have a better year next year and put an end to an old way of living and gain better perspective supposedly. Towards the end of the year there’s alot of estoeric things going on with new moons, The Harvest Moon, stepping into the underworld season with changes of weather, time changing, and the veil thinning to none.

Advice for Mercury Retrograde

All of this does not have to be scary at all. I do not like this whole fear based programming when it comes to mercury retrograde or the end of the year period . Maybe because I am a Scorpio and I like this time of the year, but I simply don’t like it. I would suggest taking the steps, even small steps, to get things in order if you haven’t . If the past comes to bite you in the ass or just pop up at your doorstep, deal with it.

Just be safe with traveling and back up important info on your phones or laptop. Mercury Retrograde ends in December. So stay light as a feather and balanced. 555

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