In my opinion, the pharmaceutical companies basically get money off of you being sick and mentally unstable. I am a firm believer of a holistic approach to health as a whole. The money is in the treatment and not the cure, which is not right. With all the scientist and geniuses out here that study all types of subjects and you’re telling me there is no cure for half the diseases out here? Or they are just coming out with cures. At the end of the day if you live on Earth, the Earth supplies everything that you need period. There are ton of vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. that can help you with all types of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

For the man made diseases, which a lot of them are man made most of these diseases are new, there are herbs out there that can help with this as well. I understand the medicine that they have can be helpful and useful. I am just saying the Earth already supplies most of what people be searching for and need cures for. This system is built for you to rely on it and not to think outside the box at all.

All I am saying is ask questions, do your own research, and make choices that make sense to you. There is more that is going on underneath the eye.


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