Shouldn’t This Bother You ?

Spirtual Rant Do anybody thinks it’s weird that you have to be thankful for your food or products to be natural or real? should that bother you that you know you are consuming fake GMO/fake food ? Shouldn’t that bother you that the products you put on your body aren’t natural and are made with…

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This Journey

I’m starting to realize that life is a journey we truly walk alone There’s people that’s in our lives But people can come and go The ones that stay, help us figure out who we are and who we don’t want to be This journey is long, full of love and unfairness Trials and test…

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Words Of Hope

New Lessons I learned Along The Way Something I have been going over in my head is how lost I was to where I am now. Going through all the astrological alignments have been having me thinking a lot more than usual. I’ve just been sitting back and thinking of the past. I have been…

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