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The essence of spiritual life is simply to use our free will properly


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The Way Back

I have been finding my way back to the core of who I once was, a happier me. Well the “me” that was more innocent and pure heart. The journey has been long and people have took my light away; but I fought for that light and now it’s back. This whole time I’ve been …

Do You Fight For Love?

At the end of the day if you really love someone you will fight for them. You would obviously need to learn how to make someone feel loved and appreciated. You need to figure out how to be in a serious relationship and be more then just “friend” like with someone. It’s not that hard …

Watch “Know Your Creator | WHO IS ALLAH (Mind-blowing)”

I was deeply moved by this video and studying what it means to be a Muslim. I feel as though I was on a journey, but walking down the wrong road. Now I’m walking in the right direction. I found my way back to God, the creator, Allah ( however you want to slice it). …


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