What am I searching for? Someone close told me, It seems I am missing something. There’s this hole and I’m trying to fill it with love. But love from someone else, not from myself. I’m just filling this void with temporary love or external love that will only hurt me in the end. Because instead of trying to love myself, I’m forcing a situation. I’m neglecting my own needs and solely focusing on someone’s else to where I’m no longer there. I’m a shadow of a person and the real me has faded. Have I really faded to dust and became that persons shadow? Have I really lost all the clarity and intuition of the situation? My mind is no longer focused, it is scattered. And what I thought was love, wasn’t really love at all. What am I searching for out here? Is it a companion to have as I go through life? Or is it why I am really living life ? And what am I here to do along the way?

Have you ever felt like this? This is a way I use to feel and had to realize that in life there will be ups and downs. You will make mistakes, but it’s how you deal with what comes after that matters. You should grow and learn from the mistakes as well. When searching for yourself, there’s not much to go looking for, but to go within and look to God/creator. In the end you will make it through.

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