I was deeply moved by this video and studying what it means to be a Muslim. I feel as though I was on a journey, but walking down the wrong road. Now I’m walking in the right direction. I found my way back to God, the creator, Allah ( however you want to slice it). I believe in the living God and that God created all things. Good and bad, the Djinn (demons), the other gods, Earth, the heavens, etc.

You see, I never stop believing I was just was getting distracted dealing with the ways of Magick. I was getting distracted by watching people videos on YouTube. Some of the YouTubers done their research and read certain books, some did not. Some people were just going off their own intuition, which were their journey and their path. These people started to become disbelievers, not all but some. They was confused just like how I was and they started searching for answers. Some of those answers lead them down a path of believing in self divination, Tarot card reading, Astrology, or full blown Magick. Also, a lot of their answers lead them to gain some truths with lies, which is deception.

The thing is I do not judge these people or the “spiritual community” dealing with God is obviously spiritual. The thing is everyone have their own spiritual journey going on and it is best to believe in yourself, listen to your own intuition, gain your own discernment, and pray. this is all my OPINION. It is YOUR life and it is up to YOU the path you choose. I just believe in God and want to rebuild my relationship with God is all.

In conclusion, I feel as though the lost should not lead the lost. Even if that means people do not read my posts or listen to me. even though I feel like I am not lost anymore, which i’m sure a lot of people feel like this. You will know when you know (it is vague, but true). Ultimately, everything is your chose. No one can read books for you, do the work for you, or put in the time for you either. Everyone should do their own research to gain an understanding about things and what they really mean for themselves. When I started playing and dealing with certain forces, I realized I was going into darkness. Luckily, I was lead back to the real light. This is my journey and what I have been through. Everyone story is different and you will go through what you need to be lead where you really want to go.

I will keep certain documents and books in my book section, but some resources will be taken down based on my beliefs. I pray that God bless us all with the eyes to see and the ears to hear the truth. And not be deceived by the confusion and lies being spread around. At times life is really stranger than fiction.

Please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you for reading. I do not mean to stir the pot or sound cheesy. This is the road I’ve been lead down and I feel is right. Feel free to leave a respectful comment. Have a light heart and stay balanced.

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