At the end of the day if you really love someone you will fight for them. You would obviously need to learn how to make someone feel loved and appreciated. You need to figure out how to be in a serious relationship and be more then just “friend” like with someone.

It’s not that hard to be with someone. You’re either gonna be open or not. Figure out how to love the right way or not. And if you really wanted to be with someone, you would BE the person YOU need to be period (which is yourself) . All you have to do is be open and honest and spend quality time, with real conversations. Don’t miss out on real love and if you’re having problems seek advice from someone you trust.

Please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you for reading. Do you fight for your love ? Do you agree with my aspects of love and relationships? Is chasing love and trying to work on a relationship harder than what it seems or can it be simple ? Feel free to leave a respectful comment. Have a light heart and stay balanced.

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